Capetown Tuxedo Jacket


Elevate your evening ensemble with our distinguished tuxedo jacket, meticulously crafted for those who appreciate the finer details of sharp elegance. This tuxedo jacket is more than a garment; it's a bold proclamation of individuality and a celebration of a fashion-forward attitude.

  • The contrasting lapels exude a timeless sophistication, creating a striking visual contrast against the sleek, tailored body of the jacket. 
  • Puffed shoulders adorned with intricate cut-out details add a touch of avant-garde flair, elevating this piece to a level of unparalleled refinement.
  • The meticulously designed sleeves seamlessly contribute to the jacket's sleek silhouette, ensuring a fit that not only flatters but commands attention. 
  • Featuring our orange and blue branch print made from 100% Cotton.
  • Model is 5’10” and wears a size Small.

With a cutting-edge pattern and a fit that flatters, our Capetown Tuxedo Jacket guarantees you'll stand out in any crowd. When paired with the matching Bantrybay Slit Pant, it's not just an outfit; it's a proclamation of your individuality and fashion-forward attitude. Pair this vibrant jacket with confidence, knowing that you are donning more than just clothing – you are embodying a lifestyle.


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