Kahindo Mateene

kahindo walking on fashion show

ABOUT Our Founder

I embarked on the journey of establishing KAHINDO because, as the founder of this New York-based ethical luxury fashion brand, my vision was to celebrate and preserve my rich Congolese heritage and African upbringing.

Drawing inspiration from directly from Africa, KAHINDO not only infuses every creation with style, color, and originality but also seeks to challenge stereotypes about the continent.

Our mission extends beyond offering vibrant garments that celebrate individuality; it includes empowering both those who wear our designs and those who craft them.

Rooted in ethical practices, we strive not only to create beautiful products but also to challenge stereotypes about Africa by sharing captivating stories through our creations, infusing a modern aesthetic into traditional African-inspired fashion.

Through job creation and a steadfast commitment to fair trade principles, KAHINDO envisions a positive impact on the lives of women in Africa.

Our foundational drive is deeply rooted in cultural pride, empowerment, and reshaping perceptions within the global fashion landscape, firmly believing that fashion can be a force for positive change.

kahindo walking on fashion show


Kahindo Mateene, rose to prominence as a contestant on season 12 of Project Runway in 2013.

In 2017, she founded KAHINDO, a rebrand of MODAHNIK in New York.

In 2021, Mateene achieved significant recognition as she became a Tory Burch Fellow. Her dedication and talent were further acknowledged when she successfully completed the Workshop at Macy's program in 2023.

Educationally, Mateene holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fashion Design from the Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago, in addition to her first degree in International Business and Economics from Blackburn College.

Her work has been featured in Vogue, New York Times, WWD, Marie Claire, Essence, Elle, and CNBC.