Inspired by our founder’s Congolese heritage, KAHINDO is a celebration of the legacy and natural beauty of Africa. Our one-of-a-kind prints and dynamic color palettes are an ode to the continent’s rich culture and heritage and offer a fresh reinterpretation of traditional African fashion. Each piece is a wearable luxury that allows today’s adventurous woman to express her individuality in her own unique style. 

But KAHINDO is more than just fashion. We know that although many talks about responsibility in business, not everyone is making a real-world difference. That’s why we are dedicated to using our brand to create social change by empowering women, closing the gender gap, paying fair living wages, and creating sustainable jobs in Africa for our global partners. We call it our SEW Sustainable Commitment. Learn more

KAHINDO: Dress boldly. Wear proudly. Live with purpose. 
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