In fashion, the road a finished garment takes before hanging in your closet is a long one, with many talented artisans contributing to the outcome along the way.  That’s why a commitment to responsible business and sustainability must begin with the very first stich. From material sourcing to fabrics to textiles to production, the women who help us produce KAHINDO are treated respectfully and fairly. We use only ethically-sourced materials and we actively guarantee fair-trade, safe work environments for all our global partners. In addition, we have pledged to use our brand to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which include gender equality, climate action, access to quality education, and elimination of poverty.  


Wear your CREATIVITY proudly

KAHINDO collaborates with local African artists to develop exclusive prints for our line. Bold and colorful, these prints are produced on high-quality fabrics and later turned into our signature ready-to-wear garments that make the modern woman feel confident and regal. 

Wear your RESPONSIBILITY proudly

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of each KAHINDO piece. Kahindo works closely with organizations that support refugee women by providing them with job opportunities in a safe work environment and that pay fair wages. From sustainable sourcing to ethical production, KAHINDO seeks to align its business practices with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Wear your EMPOWERMENT proudly

Women are the heart and soul of the KAHINDO brand. From the women who produce our garments to those that wear them, KAHINDO leaves women feeling empowered and confident. The line we create, the women who create it, and the ethical way our clothes are produced only exists because of our incredible community of women supporting women.  

Wear your HERITAGE proudly

Our pieces are an extension of Africa’s rich culture and heritage; its unique history, and the continent's powerful beauty that is reflected in every one of a kind print and dynamic color palette.