The Kano Jumpsuit displayed in a yellow and black color scheme with a brown belt accessoryThe Kano Jumpsuit featuring a yellow and black geometric design
On sale

Kano Jumpsuit

$93.00 $186.00
A model showcasing the Oxy Robe in a brown and gold color schemeThe Oxy Robe featuring orange and black design details
On sale

Oxy Robe

$175.00 $350.00
Side view of a woman modeling the Kisumu Romper with a blue and pink patternThe Kisumu Romper featuring a blue and pink print design for women
On sale

Kisumu Romper

$105.00 $210.00
A close-up of the Fiesta Tuxedo Jacket's fabric and African-inspired printThe Fiesta Tuxedo Jacket featuring orange and blue geometric designs
On sale

Fiesta Tuxedo Jacket

$201.00 $402.00
A woman standing in Fiesta Shorts paired with casual footwearDetail of the Fiesta Shorts fabric featuring orange and blue patterns
On sale

Fiesta Shorts

$115.00 $230.00
Close-up of the Aqua Blouse with African print designDetail of the Aqua Blouse's African print fabric
On sale

Aqua Blouse

$140.00 $280.00
A model showcasing the Kalenjin Romper with red and black patternsThe Kalenjin Romper crafted from a red and black printed cotton blend
On sale

Kalenjin Romper

$112.00 $225.00
A strapless gown displayed on a mannequin with a beach backgroundClose-up of the strapless gown's multicolored fabric
Sold out

Strapless Gown

$232.00 $465.00
The color block bomber jacket laid flat to showcase its design and patternA color block bomber jacket featuring green and blue sections with zipper details
On sale

Color Block Bomber Jacket

$170.00 $340.00
A woman wearing a classic trench coat posing outdoorsA classic trench coat displayed on a plain background
Sold out

Classic Trench Coat

$250.00 $515.00
Model wearing Kikuyu Kaftan paired with a black hat, posing in front of a sofaClose-up of Kikuyu Kaftan showcasing its intricate red detailing
Sold out

Kikuyu Kaftan

$75.00 $150.00
Full-length view of a model in the Luhya Kaftan standing on stepsA model adorned in the Luhya Kaftan featuring African print and gold earrings
On sale

Luhya Kaftan

$160.00 $320.00
Close-up view of the Amboseli Kaftan's red and black print designFull-length view of a woman wearing the Amboseli Kaftan with African-inspired print
Sold out

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