The Congo Top worn by a woman with black hair, styled with a peach skirtA close-up view of the Congo Top featuring a pink color and zipper detail

Congo Top

The Baobab Crop Top featuring puff sleeves on a plain backgroundA model wearing the Baobab Crop Top paired with pink shorts
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Baobab Crop Top

$146.00 $293.00
Wasini Crop Top with blue and white pattern and front zipper detailModel wearing Wasini Crop Top in blue and white, posing by a railing
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Wasini Crop top

$105.00 $140.00
The 'Zendaya Top' featuring a blue and gold patterned designThe 'Zendaya Top' paired with blue pants modeled by a woman on a balcony
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Zendaya Top

$70.00 $116.00
The Ada Tunic featuring a metallic print on a red and black fabricA model showcasing the Ada Tunic in red and black on a balcony setting
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Ada Tunic

$135.00 $218.00
Close-up of the Fangano Kaftan's mesh pattern detailing on the fabricBack view of the Fangano Kaftan featuring red and black design
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Fangano Kaftan

$194.00 $389.00
Detail of the Aqua Blouse's African print fabricClose-up of the Aqua Blouse with African print design
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Aqua Blouse

$140.00 $280.00
Close-up of Kikuyu Kaftan showcasing its intricate red detailingModel wearing Kikuyu Kaftan paired with a black hat, posing in front of a sofa
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Kikuyu Kaftan

$75.00 $150.00
A model showcasing the Luhya Kaftan with a black hat and standing poseClose-up of a model wearing the Luhya Kaftan paired with a black hat
On sale

Luhya Kaftan

$160.00 $320.00
Close-up view of the Amboseli Kaftan's red and black print designFull-length view of a woman wearing the Amboseli Kaftan with African-inspired print
Sold out

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