Kahindo Celebrates 10 Years Of Ethical Fashion - October 04, 2021

Sustainability has become a buzz word in fashion. From efforts to clean out the unethical practices of how fabric is produced to the artisans companies are employing, sustainability has become overtly pushed into marketing campaigns and seemingly become a monetization prize. While there are clear advancements within eco-friendly fashion practices, emerging brands are being credited for leading that forefront, while labels like Kahindo are moving into its 10th year of philanthropic and sustainable practices.

Kahindo launched in 2009 by Kahindo Mateene has continued to remain embedded in its cultural roots. Mateene who was born in Uganda, educated in Kenya and has lived in Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Niger, has used her well-versed traveling experiences as cultural references to her brand. “I take a lot of inspiration from my Congolese heritage, which is very full of colored prints and very loud,” Mateene tells ESSENCE. Within the last 10 years, the designer is continuing to reach success. Now residing in New York City, Mateene has found a steady community of supporters and buyers.